SkyRiver is a full service bibliographic utility for cataloging and is dedicated to the development and deployment of quality cataloging services for libraries.

The idea for SkyRiver originated in conversations with librarians concerned about choices when it comes to library cataloging services, removing restrictions on the use of data, and finding a way to reduce costs during tough economic times.

SkyRiver was launched by Innovative Interfaces, Inc. in late 2009 with several development partners, and expanded in the following years to serve hundreds of libraries of all types and using a variety of library systems and build strong relationships with materials vendors and cataloging agencies for publishers. In February 2013, Innovative integrated SkyRiver into its suite of products and services.

SkyRiver is one of just three organizations worldwide certified as NACO Exchange Partners within the Library of Congress Program for Cooperative Cataloging (PCC), and is an active participant in PCC policy discussions. We are also a BIBCO participant.

Welcome to SkyRiver Solutions

From the outset, SkyRiver has embraced several important principles:
  • Open data policy
  • High quality database
  • Commitment to ongoing enhancement
SkyRiver’s cataloging services include:
  • SkySearch – record requesting with responses within 48 hours
  • SkySearch Plus – optional ongoing search service
  • SkyWatch – optional CIP record upgrade notification
  • SkyMatch – materials vendor data integration