SkyRiver Client Extends RDA Test Support

Emeryville, CA—SkyRiver today announced the release of new client software that extends SkyRiver’s RDA involvement beyond access to RDA test data. The cataloging client update, available this week, includes a link to the RDA Toolkit.

The new client software provides SkyRiver subscribers with easy access to RDA documentation as well as RDA bibliographic and authority records. SkyRiver’s Vice President for Operations, Lynne Branche Brown, says, “We’re pleased to be able to introduce our subscribers to RDA in an unobtrusive, yet integrated manner.” SkyRiver’s approach to RDA data allows catalogers to select between RDA and AACR2 coded records within their bibliographic search results. This approach has the distinct benefit of conflict free co-existence of RDA and AACR2 cataloging in the SkyRiver database.

SkyRiver will closely monitor the progress of RDA testing so as to accommodate the policy decisions made by the Library of Congress and the library community when the test period is concluded.

Since SkyRiver’s inception, cataloging client updates have been deployed on at least a monthly basis. Each update incorporates suggestions received from subscribers, resulting in dozens of enhancements over the past year. Branche Brown notes that “subscribers tell us that being able to be confident that their requests are considered and acted upon is one of the huge benefits of moving to SkyRiver. We’re very proud to have the technology and engineering talent that enable this to happen.”

SkyRiver Client Extends RDA Test Support

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