Features and Benefits

Open Data Use Policy

SkyRiver makes no claims to ownership of any bibliographic metadata and imposes no restrictions on subsequent use.

Unlimited Data Access and Transfer

SkyRiver offers annual subscriptions at a flat rate for unlimited use. There are no additional access fees.

RDA Support

SkyRiver accommodates all levels of RDA adoption, including hybrid AACR2/RDA as well as full RDA support. The transition to RDA is eased with an intuitive template to ensure RDA coding accuracy and contextual linking to the RDA Toolkit©.

Elegant, User-Friendly Interface

Designed and optimized for technical service staff, SkyRiver’s interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing libraries to increase workflow efficiency.

Customer Focus

Cataloging client updates are deployed with user-suggested enhancements. SkyRiver’s proactive customer service is available 24/7.

Training in Minutes

Staff begin to use SkyRiver within minutes of introduction, making implementation fast and seamless — especially beneficial for new hires and anyone newly tasked with cataloging responsibilities.

High Quality Database

SkyRiver’s database of more than 43 million records is constantly growing. Sophisticated matching algorithms minimize duplication and sub-standard records as well as update and improve records