Frequently Asked Questions

What is SkyRiver?

SkyRiver is a full service bibliographic utility that connects libraries with the bibliographic metadata they need to catalog library collections

What is SkyRiver’s data use policy?

SkyRiver holds as a guiding principle that bibliographic metadata exist within the public domain. Thus, SkyRiver makes no claims to ownership of any bibliographic metadata and imposes no restrictions on subsequent use of bibliographic metadata that its customers obtain from the SkyRiver database.

What is SkyRiver’s pricing structure?

SkyRiver offers annual subscriptions. There are no access fees or itemization, just a flat annual fee for unlimited use. SkyRiver does not sell records. Instead, SkyRiver facilitates delivery of bibliographic metadata to libraries.

How large is the SkyRiver database and what is in it?

The SkyRiver database represents more than 43 million unique titles and is constantly updated. The database includes the full LC MARC files and CONSER files. That is supplemented by public domain metadata from SkyRiver’s customer libraries and hundreds of other contributing libraries.

Does SkyRiver work with all integrated library systems?

Yes, since virtually all integrated library systems are capable of importing files of MARC records in batch and/or in record by record mode. SkyRiver enables downloading of data in MARC format, which then can be uploaded to these systems.

If we switch from OCLC to SkyRiver for cataloging, what happens to our ILL subscription?

Libraries may continue to use OCLC ILL services.

How does SkyRiver handle original cataloging?

Original bibliographic and authority records can be created using the SkyRiver cataloging client. There’s a full set of tools to facilitate this, including the ability to set up work forms and constant data.

Do individual libraries have the ability to contribute records?

Yes. SkyRiver users may create and contribute records by using the SkyRiver cataloging client or simply through the ongoing loading of records from their local systems.

How do you accommodate local cataloging policy?

The SkyRiver cataloging client is designed so that whatever local preferences are currently in place can be supported and even enhanced. This is done through easily understood and easily controlled settings.

Do you provide contract cataloging services for original cataloging?

Not currently.

Do you have programs such as OCLC’s Cataloging Partners programs that can be used to have records delivered directly after purchase?

Yes. SkyRiver’s SkyMatch service provides exactly these services. Vendors who participate in OCLC’s Cataloging Partners service can easily become SkyMatch partners as well.